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Servicing your appliances is very important.  Bugs, spiders and many other small things like to make their nests in your RV's furnace, hot water heater, refrigerator, and any other place they can find.  It is necessary that you clean out all of these places from time to time because they can interfere with the function of your appliances. Your burners and your exhaust vents can be restricted and cause your appliances to run poorly.


Maintenance is a big part of owning an RV, things like re-sealing your roof, it may seem like a small job but if it's left without maintenance this could end up being a very expensive fix.  Water can be your RV's biggest enemy if you don't take care of your roof and all exterior seams and windows.  The very smallest untreated seam could accumulate a lot of water in your RV, and it would take a long time for it to be noticed. The trapped water is absorbed into the interior wood structures and insulation, by the time you notice interior staining on the walls it may be to late.   Have a RV  repair shop look over your roof, windows and exterior seams. 

    Brakes and      suspension 


Having your RV's brakes and suspension checked over by a technician before you head out on that big trip is a must.  Having your bearings re-packed is something that should be checked every year.   ​Knowing that your unit is safe will really give you a piece of mind.  The last thing you want to do is worry about your RV when you should be relaxing and having a good time with your family.

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